Seven Mind-Easing Things to Know Prior to a Vasectomy Clinic Visit

It’s quite common to feel apprehensive about visiting the vasectomy clinic. At the Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana, we understand the concerns and trepidation associated with deciding to get a vasectomy. However, a vasectomy procedure should not hold you hostage in fear.

Seven Things to Help Relieve Your Anxiety Before Visiting a Vasectomy Clinic

People often fear what they’ve never experienced, especially when it comes to their bodies. Take a look at a few considerations to ponder prior to going to the clinic: 

  1. Vasectomies Are More Common Than You Think
    There’s a reason for the phrase “power in numbers”: it’s a reassuring sentiment. The most up-to-date research demonstrates that an estimated 500,000 men elect to have vasectomy surgery every year. You aren’t alone!
  2. Urologists Are Experts at Performing Vasectomies
    Although family doctors have been known to perform vasectomy procedures, urologists are specifically trained to address the male urinary tract and reproductive system.
  3. Vasectomy Procedures Are SafeVasectomy Clinic
    Not only are vasectomies safe with a low risk of complications and side effects, but they can also be performed in an outpatient setting. Our urologists routinely hold procedures out of the Michiana Clinic.
  4. Vasectomies Are the Most Effective Form of Birth Control
    After a vasectomy surgery, it is important for couples to use birth control for at least three months before having unprotected sex. Once tests confirm there is no sperm in the semen, there’s only a 1% chance of pregnancy.
  5. Healing Time Following Surgery Is Minimal
    Following a vasectomy surgery, it’s normal to experience mild pain and swelling. Most patients are cleared to go back to work in just a couple days, so long as they avoid heavy lifting or other strenuous activities. Full recovery generally takes a couple of weeks.
  6. Sexual Activity Doesn’t Have to Be Restricted for Long
    Sex can be resumed a week or two after surgery, once the patient feels physically able and completely healed.
  7. Time Is on the Patient’s Side
    At the Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana, we don’t rush or push our patients to make a decision. In fact, during a first visit, we’ll be sure to go over each patient’s medical history and the full details of a vasectomy procedure, as well as address any questions or concerns. From there, it’s 100% up to him whether or not to move forward.

Exchange Worry for Trust

It’s our mission to make sure our patients feel comfortable, safe and to protect their privacy. Whether you’re looking to book a vasectomy procedure or would just like to have a conversation with one of our urologists, we are ready and looking forward to working with you.

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