Five Vasectomy Recovery Tips for a Festive Holiday Season

Chances are, not many men are regaled by, “Tis the season to be jolly… by getting a vasectomy.”

Although the holiday season is not an ideal time for a vasectomy, the month or two leading up to the winter holidays is. Since the initial vasectomy recovery only lasts a couple of weeks, taking advantage of a vasectomy procedure prior to the holidays gives patients plenty of time to enjoy the festivities.

Follow These Vasectomy Recovery Tips for Some Very Happy Holidays

While men sometimes experience discomfort following a vasectomy procedure, vasectomy recovery is not as bad as some may think. Most vasectomies can be performed right from the comfort of your urologist’s office, and the procedure typically only takes 20 minutes.

A month or two prior to the holidays is an ideal time for a vasectomy procedure because it gives patients an opportunity to heal and recover just in time to fully enjoy the winter festivities. Following the full post-surgery vasectomy recovery instructions of your Urology Associates of South Bend urologist will improve the chances of having a jolly holiday season.

  1. Vasectomy-RecoveryRest as Much as Possible

Although vasectomy recipients have been known to go back to work in as early as two days following a vasectomy procedure, our specialists recommend getting as much rest as possible.

  1. Wear Supportive Underwear

Keeping the scrotum secure by wearing tight-fitting underwear will help the vasectomy healing process. This ensures support and prevents impact to the stitches and bandaging.

  1. Take Medication as Prescribed

It’s normal for pain and swelling to occur during the first few days of vasectomy recovery. A mild pain reliever, such as acetaminophen, can relieve this discomfort. Your urologist will advise you not to take ibuprofen or aspirin during the first 48 hours after the procedure due to the risk of bleeding and bruising.

  1. Use Protection During Sex

Although most men are cleared to engage in sexual activity around a week or so following a vasectomy, our UASB urologists remind all patients to use protection for the next couple of months until the semen is confirmed to contain no active sperm.

  1. Avoid Overexertion of Any Kind

Consider the demands placed on the body during vasectomy recovery. It’s best to avoid any heavy lifting and strenuous exercise during the first few weeks of healing. Overexertion could potentially disrupt the healing site or cause injury.

Ready to Toast to a New Year?

Prepare for the New Year of with a successful vasectomy recovery out of the way. If you’ve been considering having a vasectomy procedure and would like to have it done before the holidays, call us now! We’ll do our best to get you scheduled as soon as possible so you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

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