Where Oh Where to Go for a Clinic Vasectomy Procedure Near Michiana?

Help! Is there a place for a clinic vasectomy procedure to be performed safely and quickly in the Michiana area? Yes! The Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana routinely performs vasectomies at the practiced, skilled, and trustworthy hands of local urologists. Men from the greater Michiana area seek the expertise of urologists like Dr. Roger Jump, who are experienced, skilled, and proficient in practicing vasectomies. Now, speaking of answers, let’s take a look at a few clinic vasectomy facts not everyone may know!

Five Michiana Clinic Vasectomy Facts Not Everyone Knows

When having your most precious anatomy tended to, it’s natural to have several questions. At The Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana, there aren’t many questions we haven’t been asked. There is no query too strange or awkward. Our urologists are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and approaches in practicing vasectomy procedures.

While you may have conducted some research about vasectomies, take a look at five facts that may surprise (and/or relieve) you:

  1. The Procedure Doesn’t Take Long

Not only is a vasectomy done quickly, it may take less time to perform a surgery than taking a bathroom break! The typical start-to-finish time for a vasectomy is 30 minutes.

  1. There is Little to No Risk of Sexual Side Effects

A common fear among men when it comes to a vasectomy is a negative impact to their sexual drive or ability. Research has demonstrated that there is extremely low to no risk of any sexual side effects that occur as a result of a vasectomy procedure.

  1. The Chances of Post-Vasectomy Pregnancy are Practically Nil

When we say “practically nil,” we mean it! The probability of a pregnancy after a vasectomy procedure has been performed are less than one percent. With that said, it’s important that vasectomy patients wait for the nod from their surgeon before practicing unprotected sex as it takes between 15 to 20 ejaculations before sperm count levels to zero.

  1. Most Insurance Companies Cover a Vasectomy

An estimated 85% of health insurance companies will cover a vasectomy. Don’t currently have health insurance? Not to worry, our Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana staff will help work with you on a payment method/plan to cover your vasectomy cost.

  1. A Vasectomy Saves Money as a Form of Permanent Birth Control

In comparison to birth control procedures for women, combines with long-term birth control methods for both sexes (birth control pill, condoms) a vasectomy is much more cost effective.

More Questions? We can Provide More Answers!

We always encourage our patients and potential patients to reach out to us for questions. If you’ve been considering undergoing a vasectomy procedure and would like more information, simply click here to get started anytime or call us during business hours at (574) 234-4100.

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