Vasectomy Clinic Myths Versus Reality

One study concluded that 85% of what people worry about never actually comes to fruition. This means we spend a lot of time being fearful of the unreal. Believe it or not, the fears about visiting a vasectomy clinic are no different—much of what is feared doesn’t manifest, or isn’t in the scope of reality to begin with. But, as the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Seven Feared Vasectomy Clinic Experiences vs What Really Happens

It’s 100% normal to have some level of trepidation going into a surgical procedure—let alone one that has to do with a most coveted body part. At The Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana, we understand the fears that can be associated with a vasectomy procedure. We are committed to helping to eliminate as many fears as possible.

In an effort to assuage concerns surrounding a vasectomy, take a look at seven truths behind the fears patients have expressed in the past:

  1. I’m Going to be in Pain FOREVER

Okay, maybe not forever, but you may falsely believe for a long time. Typically any surgical procedure does come with some level of pain. We’re happy to report, however, that any pain and swelling from a vasectomy will subside in a couple of days. Most patients report little to no pain after a full week of recovery.

  1. I’m Going to Have to Miss a Lot of Work

Healing time varies, but most men report returning to work in a day or two following a vasectomy.

  1. My Sexual Health Could Be Jeopardized

There is actually little to no risk of any harm occurring to your sexual health or libido as a result of having a vasectomy.

  1. I Won’t be Able to Have Sex Again for a Long Time

Actually, most men resume sexual activity in a week or so after vasectomy surgery. It’s important to note that it will take between 15 and 20 ejaculations for sperm-count levels to be reduced to zero.

  1. I Could Still Have Live Swimmers

The chance of pregnancy after a successful vasectomy is less than 1%. Your urologist will make sure to test your semen for live sperm six to 12 weeks after surgery.

  1. I’ll Miss Out on Workouts

Not very many. Most men return to their normal routines and workouts after a couple of weeks.

  1. I’ll End up With a Gnarly Scar

No, you won’t! Our urologists are skilled and experience in both traditional and no-scalpel vasectomy surgeries. While the no-scalpel technique leaves no scar, the traditional method simply leaves a small scar on the side of the scrotum.  

The Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana as Your Choice of Vasectomy Clinic

If you’ve been putting off a vasectomy procedure due to fear, hopefully, we’ve helped relieve some of your worries. If you still have concerns or questions, we’d love to speak with you. Simply click here or call us at (574) 234-4100 to begin a conversation or to schedule a consultation with one of our urologists.

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