Three Stages of UASB Vasectomy Services

When seeking vasectomy services, trust, safety, and effectiveness are obviously a top priority.  Also of high importance is having access to professional urologists who provide thorough information on what to expect before, during, and after a vasectomy.

At the Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana, we’re dedicated to making sure our patients are empowered with everything needed to feel comfortable and prepared for every aspect of vasectomy surgery.

Your Three-Step Guide to Vasectomy Services

Many men considering a vasectomy likely have somewhat of an idea of what the procedure entails. They may also know that vasectomy surgery is one of the most effective forms of permanent birth control. What may not be so transparent are the details when it comes to the full spectrum of vasectomy services. Not to worry! Our Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana experts are here to help educate and support those considering vasectomies by explaining the process—start to finish.

Take a look at the three main aspects of vasectomy services:

  1. Step One—Consultation

During a consultation, one of our vasectomy surgeons will go over your medical history and current health. If you qualify for a vasectomy procedure, you’ll be informed of how to prep for surgery—avoid certain medications, bring supportive underwear for post surgery, and proper hygiene steps.

  1. Step Two—Surgery

Another potential mystery revealed—vasectomy surgery only takes about 30 minutes! And, the procedure can be performed from the comfort of our Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana office. Following surgery, you’ll be provided with post-procedure instructions such as rest, avoiding heavy lifting and abstaining from sex for at least seven to ten days.

  1. Step Three—Follow-up

Post-vasectomy, it’s important to use protection during sex until tests confirm there is no presence of active sperm. Your urologist will ensure that semen analysis is completed one to three months following surgery.

Most recipients of vasectomy surgery can return to work within a couple of days. Other activities can typically resume after a couple of weeks.

Trust, Safety, and Knowledge

At The Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana, we’re committed to ensuring your safety and comfort, while also making sure you feel well informed about the overall vasectomy process. Our experts have strong backgrounds in education, combined with ample experience in performing every aspect of vasectomy services.

If you’d like to take the first step toward vasectomy surgery, simply click here to book your consultation or call us anytime at (574) 234-4100.

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