What to Expect From Your Vasectomy with Urology Associates of South Bend

Every year, more than 500,000 men in the United States receive a vasectomy. This procedure is actually more effective at preventing pregnancy than any other method of birth control. Since it’s a minimally-invasive surgery with short recovery time, many couples prefer this option to avoid becoming pregnant.

Urology Associates of South Bend near Elkhart offers expert care in reproductive and urology treatment to men, women, and children. If you’re planning on getting a vasectomy in Elkhart, consider our proven track record in clinical excellence. We provide the latest treatments, therapies, and medications to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Interested in learning more about what to expect from a vasectomy procedure? Read on to learn more about our approach at Urology Associates of South Bend!

How Does It Work?

At Urology Associates, we strive to make sure our patients get all their questions answered. There are many myths surrounding vasectomies that have influenced people to avoid this surgery.

A vasectomy is a minor surgery used to block the sperm from reaching the semen. The doctor makes one or two strategic incisions in the skin of the scrotum to obstruct the path of the sperm through the vans deferens tubes. In some cases, a tiny part of the tube is removed or the tubes may be tied. The entire process only takes 20 minutes.

Post-Operative Recovery

Most people only need a couple of days to recover after the surgery. You may feel some discomfort afterward, but you shouldn’t experience intense pain. Prevent excessive discomfort by icing your genitals, taking over-the-counter pain medication, and wearing snug underwear to minimize movement of the testicles. Most men can return to work as early as the next day, though they should avoid sexual and strenuous activities for the next week.

While few patients experience complications with this surgery, you should call the doctor if:

  • You’re running a fever above 100°
  • You notice blood or pus in the area where the incision was made
  • You experience a great deal of pain or swelling in the scrotum/testicle area.

These symptoms may be indicative of an infection and may require antibiotics.

Common Vasectomy Myths

Unfortunately, some people avoid this procedure due to misconceptions about what the procedure actually accomplishes. Here are three big myths that we’ve heard:

  • You won’t be able to ejaculate after the surgery.

False! If you could ejaculate before the procedure, you’ll be able to afterward. Semen is produced in the prostate and seminal vesicles, which are not affected by the surgery. Also, the muscle contractions associated with ejaculation come from the pelvis, which again, is not affected by vasectomy.

  • Vasectomy stops sperm production.

The procedure only blocks the sperm’s movement; it has no impact on actual production. After a vasectomy, sperm is still being produced at the same rate but they don’t have anywhere to go. That’s why vasectomy reversal is possible for men who change their minds.

  • The procedure increases the risk of prostate cancer.

This belief is based on biased studies that have since been debunked. There is no clear biological mechanism for how a vasectomy could lead to prostate cancer. A mega-study that included 53 studies, 15 million men, and 24 years of data showed no link between the two. In fact, this study suggests that men who have had a vasectomy are more likely to be screened for prostate cancer and catch it early.

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