Your Ten Top Vasectomy Questions Answered by Dr. Gauthier

In partnership with 103.9 The Bear, the Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana is pleased to announce the success of another year of Vasectomy March Madness. Wait … Vasectomy March Madness? Yes! Did you know that March is one of the busiest and best times to undergo vasectomy surgery? According to 2016 data, upwards of 30% of vasectomies were conducted during the first week of March Madness opposed to any other time of the year!

It makes sense that one of basketball’s premier televised NCAA events would serve as an attractive period of “downtime.” Here to help promote Urology Associates of South Bend’s Vasectomy March Madness, and share the benefits and details of a vasectomy procedure, is UASB’s very own Dr. Anthony Gauthier.

Everything You Need to Know About Vasectomy March Madness

We sit down with Dr. Gauthier to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding vasectomies. And, we’ll take a look at why March could be your perfect time to schedule a vasectomy procedure.

How did you choose to specialize in Urology?

Dr. Gauthier: This was a choice I made based on my exposure during the clerkships, and I came to find out that I wanted to do more with my hands but also have a robust medical practice that would allow me to do a little bit of everything. Also, I enjoyed the types of surgeries that I was able to observe early on and the immediate gratification that often comes with urologic surgeries.

How long have you been performing vasectomies, and how many?

Dr. Gauthier: Probably since 2002 when I became a staff physician. It’s hard to tell how many vasectomy procedures I’ve performed—anywhere from four to five per week over the course of 17 years.

What is the most common question you receive from men considering vasectomies?

Dr. Gauthier: Probably, the most common question asked by male patients is if they can still have the same sexual performance with their spouse, to which I always relay that nothing will change from that perspective other than the absence of sperm. They will maintain the same potency and libido along with hormone production.

What is the most common fear or concern you hear from men considering vasectomies?

Dr. Gauthier: Obviously of the procedure itself, having a doctor perform surgery in that very sensitive area always evokes anxiety and stress. Oftentimes this can be alleviated with an anti-anxiety medication taken prior to coming into the office, along with the localized anesthetic that we use for the procedure itself.

How long does the actual procedure take?

Dr. Gauthier: On average, anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the patient’s anatomy.

How long can a man expect to be out of commission after a vasectomy?

Dr. Gauthier: I normally recommend two days of minimal activity using ice compresses for 20-minute intervals along with Tylenol around the clock. After two days of rest, activity can be gradually increased. No heavy lifting, running, or weight lifting should take place for at least one week and may resume relations after seven days.

Are vasectomies always successful?

Dr. Gauthier: Although the direct answer is no, there is 99.93 percent success rate. In the rare cases that it does not work, it’s likely due to an error in procedure technique and/or a lack of follow-up appointment to check sperm in the ejaculate. This follow-up appointment should take place about two to three months after the procedure.

What advice would you give a man considering getting a vasectomy?

Dr. Gauthier: Make sure that it’s something that is agreed upon by both parties as the reversal success rates are quite low, and often very costly and not covered by insurance. I would definitely give it thought as to the proper number of family members, as this is an individual preference and should be considered prior to a vasectomy.

Why is March a good time for considering a vasectomy to get one?

Dr. Gauthier: Well, partly because of the March Madness basketball tournament, which typically extends over the weekends. This would coincide with good healing time and minimum activity for men undergoing vasectomies during that period.

Also, we are rolling out a discount and recovery bags to vasectomy patients encourage those that have been contemplating vasectomies but have been somewhat reluctant.

What words of advice do you have for a man who is undecided about getting a vasectomy?

Dr. Gauthier: I would probably say that it’s an individual preference. Certainly, there are alternatives to receiving a vasectomy—some are more cumbersome than others. Whether it is oral birth control, pills, or condoms, there are pros and cons to each. Tubal ligation is more invasive for a female, which is why the vasectomy procedure is so much more accessible, can be done in the office, and has much faster recovery time.

If you’d like to learn more about how a vasectomy works or would like to take advantage of Vasectomy March Madness, you can schedule a consultation today or call us any time at (574) 234-4100.

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