Five Symptoms That May Indicate Erectile Dysfunction

Among favored topics for discussion among men, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is probably not at the top of the list. As a common condition that affects up to 30 million men, however, ED doesn’t have to be a conversation piece to shy away from. In fact, discussing ED with your urologist sooner rather than later can help you find relief and a solution. When it comes to addressing early Erectile Dysfunction in Elkhart, Urology Associates of South Bend is here to answer the call!

Five Early Indications That Erectile Dysfunction May Be Present

ED can result from many physical and emotional conditions, including stress, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and numerous other factors. The core cause of ED is a restriction of blood flow and/or damage to the nerves of the penis. In turn, the penis cannot become or remain erect for sexual activity.

Although ED is more prevalent in older males, it can happen to men of all ages. Regardless of your age or situation, the good news is that if you suspect you are developing symptoms of ED, our expert UASB urologists are here to help. There are several treatment options to address ED. The following issues may be early indications of ED

Vasectomy Mishawaka

  1. Extreme Fatigue and Stress
  2. While excessive tiredness and stress are byproducts and instigators of several health conditions, the additional inability for the penis to become hard may signal low testosterone, which is indicative of ED.
  1. Boredom in the Bedroom
  2. It’s natural for any couple to experience a lull in their sex life, but if you find that what used to make your motor run isn’t haven’t the same effect, it may be something to keep tabs on. This can be another situation in which testosterone levels are low.
  1. High Cholesterol and/or Blood Pressure
  2. If, during a routine physical, you learn that your cholesterol and blood pressure are high, ED could become a side effect. Likewise, if you are having difficulties getting an erection, it could be that your cholesterol and blood pressure are raised, in which case if you haven’t had lab tests done in a while, it’s time!
  1. Morning Mellow
  2. If you realize that your morning erections have dwindled, this is an indication that the blood vessels in the penis aren’t functioning properly. If this continues to occur, combined with not being able to become hard in other instances, it may be time to consult your urologist.
  1. Noticing Numbness?
  2. Occasionally, men will notice numbness in the penis. Although this may appear alarming, this uncomfortable scenario may be a tell-tale sign of depleted testosterone.

It’s important to remember that this is an abbreviated list of early ED symptoms. To find out more about the causes and indications of ED, it’s always best to schedule an appointment with your urologist.

Trustworthy Care That Comes with Many Options

UASB is the source of treatment for Erectile Dysfunction that Elkhart and surrounding area patients choose for several reasons. Not only do our urologists have decades of combined experience and provide safe, innovative approaches toward treating ED, but they also value and honor your privacy and confidentiality.

If you suspect that you may be experiencing ED, our urologists can help discuss various Erectile Dysfunction treatment options, including:

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)
  • Vacuum erection device
  • Oral medications
  • Drugs directly placed in the penis
  • Surgical procedures
  • Supplements

If you’re concerned that you may have ED, we can help you set up a consultation with one of our professional, friendly and skilled urologists. Contact us now to get started: (574) 234-4100.

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