Five Pre-Surgery Tasks That Vasectomy Clinic South Bend Patients Appreciate

Who says getting a vasectomy isn’t a celebratory occasion? For women with multiple children and/or c-sections, their husband having a vasectomy is often a time to rejoice, but men may not always be as ecstatic when it comes down to it. To help encourage a positive outlook when it comes to “that visit” to the vasectomy clinic that South Bend residents choose, The Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana has exactly what you’re looking for.

Five To-Dos Before Going to the Vasectomy Clinic That South Bend Guys Approve of

Although there are many men in the world that look forward to the benefits of a vasectomy, when it comes to the actual procedure, not every guy is jumping for joy. To help relieve some of the anticipatory nerves and trepidation, it’s helpful for vasectomy candidates to understand that an actual vasectomy surgery only takes approximately 20 minutes, and full recovery is only seven to ten days. Before going in for vasectomy surgery, here are five mood-boosting ideas to provide a more positive outlook: 

Vasectomy Clinic South Bend

  1. Sperm Send-Off Party
  2. As ridiculous as it may sound, throwing a sperm send-off party is becoming an increasingly popular trend. One popular trending story highlights a woman who hosted a “Balls Voyage” party, gifting her husband with a “Time to Retire the Swim Team,” t-shirt, making a cake adorned with sperm-like decoration and the inclusion of a host of supportive friends.
  1. Ultimate Dude Watchlist
  2. Gather together all the best “guys-guy” movies—all the Rocky movies (you can take a nap during Rocky V,) Slapshot, Tin Cup, Gladiator, Braveheart, Star Wars and MadMax (either version).
  1. Sex and More Sex
  2. Although sexual activity can resume a week or so after a vasectomy procedure, might as well treat you and your partner beforehand.
  1. Spin Class and Horseback Riding
  2. This one is pretty self-explanatory, right?
  1. Dip in the Hot Tub
  2. Not only will it relax you prior to your procedure, but soaking in the hot tub also happens to be an activity that should be avoided following surgery until healing concludes (typically around three weeks).

When You’re Ready, We Are Too!

At The Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana, we have an experienced and skilled team of urologists who perform routine vasectomy procedures utilizing the most innovative technology and approaches. Our entire office understands the sensitive nature of vasectomies and urological conditions, and we’re dedicated to providing you with safe, effective treatment while honoring your privacy.

If you’ve been considering a vasectomy or would like to know more about why The Vasectomy Clinic of Michiana is the choice vasectomy clinic that South Bend patients prefer, contact us today to set up a consultation: (574) 234-4100.

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