5 Mistakes You're Probably Making With Your Christmas Lights

It's getting Christmasy. The pros have been stringing lights around the neighborhood since mid-September, but DIYers are just getting ready

now that we've put away Halloween costumes and eaten two pounds of candy. Whether you're a Christmas light pro or a beginner, it's always a

good idea to brush up. This year, avoid these holiday light stringing blunders, from unsafe safety practices to failed installations.

It's best to check all light strands before starting, but many of us neglect to check outlets and extension cords. This 10-minute exercise will save your sanity while you thread.

Electronics usually have troubles after a year in storage, but the installation equipment also needs to be good. Check step stools,

ladders, drills, clips, and more to make sure they operate. You'll probably only need one hardware store visit. We're also remembering last year's three 

After checking that your extension cords, power strips, and other devices are suitable for the holiday, use them properly. All outdoor

electronics should be outdoor-grade. Make sure not to overwhelm them. Don't exceed the wattage your outlets can handle.

Christmas lights exist on loan. Most solutions won't endure forever, especially budget-friendly ones, so maximize their longevity. 

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