8 Etiquette Mistakes Everyone Makes at a Steakhouse

1. Not Knowing How to Order

Not understanding the various cuts of steak or how to specify your desired level of doneness can lead to ordering a steak that doesn't meet your expectations.

2. Using the Wrong Utensils

Using the wrong knife or fork for the type of cut or dish you're eating can be a subtle but noticeable mistake.

3. Improper Use of Napkin

Failing to place your napkin on your lap or using it incorrectly can signal a lack of familiarity with dining etiquette.

4. Talking with Food in Your Mouth

Speaking with a full mouth is considered impolite in any dining setting, including a steakhouse.

5. Ignoring Table Manners

Not following basic table manners, like keeping elbows off the table or chewing with your mouth closed, can be off-putting.

6. Being Dismissive of Servers

Failing to treat servers with courtesy and respect can reflect poorly on your manners and impact the overall dining experience.

7. Overseasoning Before Tasting

Adding salt or other condiments to your steak before tasting it can be perceived as a lack of trust in the chef's preparation.

8. Leaving a Messy Table

Not being mindful of your table manners and leaving a messy table can be seen as inconsiderate to the restaurant staff.

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