A Leaked Wendy's Memo Reveals the Next Big Menu Launch

Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Pub sandwich line returned this summer, making headlines. Wendy's fall menu has intriguing new options, as always.

An unauthenticated business letter posted on Reddit states that the burger chain would add an Italian Chicken Mozzarella Sandwich

Early 2022 Columbus, Ohio testers loved the garlic knot bun, fried mozzarella cheese, and marinara sauce sandwiches. Test results

"surpassed [Wendy's] expectations," with Italian Mozzarella dishes obtaining "very favorable consumer sensory scores."

Garlic Fries will cost $2-3 more than Wendy's regular fries, but the sandwiches' costs are unknown.

Users were excited, with one noting, "If the garlic fries are like your regular fries but with garlic... nom nom nom! Love Wendy's fries…" another wrote, "Finally something good."

One commenter doubted the flavor combination: "This sounds like BK's Italian Chicken, but better since BK is mostly trash save for Whoppers.

As usual, some menu items will be removed to make room for new ones. The document states that the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and

Biscuit will be discontinued "along the same timeline" as the Italian Mozzarella duo. Hot Honey goods will be accessible in stores while

The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Biscuit were eliminated about a month after Wendy's Hot Honey Sauce was rumored to be discontinued.

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