Airline passengers face high ticket prices amid Southwest flight

As Southwest Airlines' flight cancellation wave continues, other major airlines have set pricing limitations, particularly in Southwest's locations, to help stranded flyers.

Despite the announcements, airfare data indicates high costs to and from several affected destinations.

Over the next five days, Google flight information shows one-way rates from Southwest hubs Nashville International, Ronald Reagan Washington International

A one-way ticket from Nashville, Tennessee, to Denver International Airport, two hubs hit hard by this week's aircraft cancellations, cost over $600 on Friday.

A Friday one-way airfare from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles International Airport cost over $1,000.

Nashville music professional Suzanne Durham spent Christmas in Boston and was flying home Monday on Southwest. After her original

flight was canceled, she was able to rebook a Southwest ticket for later in the week, but she suspected that would be canceled too.

I couldn't believe the price when I booked the flight," Durham added in a follow-up interview. American did not identify the ticket class, although it was business class.

Durham tweeted her displeasure Monday, and an American Airlines spokesperson confirmed "fares are up to some destinations."

An American Airlines official linked NBC News to a tweet posted in response to a user claiming price limits in some cities. The spokesman wouldn't say more.

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