Airlines That Charge the Most Hidden Fees

A normal coach airline ticket used to include checked and cabin luggage, seat option, and a meal or snack.

NetVoucherCodes found that 89% of global airlines charge hidden fees, a development that began in the early 2000s.

NetVoucherCodes found that seat selection fees were the most common hidden fees. USA Today claimed

that airlines began charging these extra fees in 2008 as a revenue stream and made them the standard within a decade.

Choosing a window or aisle seat—or sitting with family and friends—is only the start. Airlines also often charge extra for:

NetVoucherCodes surveyed 80 airlines worldwide, but we'll focus on North American carriers.

The team added each airline's hidden costs and calculated the percentage difference between them and base fare to rank them.

Spirit Airlines' hidden fees are 736% of flight cost Frontier: 376% of flight cost is hidden surcharges. Sun Country Airlines: Flight cost +201% hidden surcharges

Delta: Flight pricing includes 158% hidden surcharges. JetBlue: Flight cost includes 147% hidden surcharges. United: Flight expenses include 122% hidden costs.

Allegiant Air: Flight fare includes 107% hidden surcharges. Alaska Airlines' hidden fees are 105% of flight cost American Airlines: 95% of flight cost is hidden surcharges

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