America's Biggest Chicken Chain Is Adding This to the Menu

KFC fans get a unique pint-sized treat. The iconic chicken chain hasn't offered this snack for decades, but it's back now.

The Louisville-based fast-food company released its $3.49 Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets with dipping sauce this week in 8, 12, and 36

pieces. Before you get excited, this rollout is only in one test market. Charlotte residents will get to 

experience this new product before the rest of the country (so order a bunch to prove they're excellent).

The hand-breaded 100% white meat nuggets with the original 11 Herbs and Spices recipe taste like the larger burgers.

"While nuggets often come in small packages, that doesn't mean they should have small flavor," says KFC's CMO Nick Chavez. "Our Kentucky

Fried Chicken Nuggets offer a new way to enjoy our distinctive 11 Herbs & Spices, and will have you saying, 'now that's finger lickin' good.'"

KFC hasn't had nuggets in decades, but it wants to catch up to Popeyes, which debuted them last year. Popeyes' long-awaited chicken nuggets didn't boost sales,

KFC may hope their chicken sandwich, which released systemwide last year, offers a preview of sales from a

major new signature item. The sandwich increased sales by 14% in its first quarter and 11% in its second.

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