America's Favorite Fast-Food Milkshake, New Data Shows

Milkshakes are as common as burgers and fries in American fast food. Technomic, a food industry research and consulting group, reports that 11.6%

While countless people love indulging in the sweet, frosty treat, one question remains: where is the best place to get one?

Although everyone has diverse tastes, some milkshakes are more popular. Technomic's 2021 consumer poll found America's top fast-food milkshakes.

Although this California burger company only provides three milkshake flavors, the "less is more" philosophy has worked well. In-N-Out-Burger ranks high 

This fast-food chain values variety. Six basic milkshake varieties, such chocolate or fresh banana, are available at Sonic. They can upgrade to a master shake or blast with M&Ms

All Five Guys milkshakes start with vanilla ice cream, but customers can add whatever they want. Five Guys lets consumers buy as many mix-ins as they want at the same price

A shake chain is a popular hangout. The study praised Shake Shack's chocolate, cookies and cream, and brownie batter hot cocoa shakes

Despite Steak 'n Shake's excessive wait times, poor meal quality, and financial woes, its milkshakes seem to be its saving grace.

Industry voters named the 88-year-old chain's milkshakes best. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cotton candy, peppermint chocolate chip

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