Baggage Fees Could Be Erased in Europe

Aside from the base ticket, air travel has other fees that can mount up quickly if you don't watch. Whether you carry-on or check a bag, you'll

usually pay for luggage. However, MEPs want carry-on baggage taxes eliminated. Read on to learn what lawmakers recommended and whether the U.S. 

Politico reported that European MPs supported a motion to eliminate airline costs for "reasonable" carry-on baggage. The resolution would also standardize bag sizes.

Politico reports that the present decision follows a 2014 finding that cabin bags are a "necessary aspect" of aviation travel. 

Beuc senior legal officer Steven Berger told Politico that EU airlines, like U.S. carriers, have distinct carry-on bag size and weight limitations. 

Multi-leg travelers with multiple airline flights have it even harder. He added that even while flying with the same carrier, passengers may receive free luggage

Airlines oppose the revisions because personal belongings, which fit under the seat in front of you and are smaller than a carry-on, are already free.

"A one-size-fits-all strategy may diminish passenger flexibility and decrease air travel cost and convenience. Impractical because the size

and quantity of bags that fit securely onboard depend on the aircraft model and configuration "Airlines for Europe said Politico.

"A number of measures are being assessed in order to address the increasing complexity of airlines' luggage offers, whilst at the same time respecting the airlines

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