Baggage Fees Could Be Erased in Europe

The EU wants to eliminate carry-on baggage taxes to simplify air travel ticket pricing, according to MEPs.

A resolution urging airlines to provide free "reasonable" cabin luggage was passed by lawmakers. 

It asks governments to enforce a 2014 European Court of Justice hand baggage ruling. Resolution suggests revising EU aviation passenger rights legislation to solve the problem.

There are two key issues: airlines' varying hand baggage policies that confuse passengers. Plus confusing advertising that could lead to hidden luggage fees while buying tickets.

Air travel requires cabin luggage that meets “reasonable” size and weight restrictions, according to the European

Court of Justice in 2014. The court ruled that passengers shouldn't pay more, but it was never implemented.

MEPs urge the Commission to properly follow the relevant Court of Justice of the EU ruling when updating EU Air Services legislation. 

Airline weight and size regulations vary greatly. Passengers with connecting flights on various carriers with differing standards may have to pay extra fees at the boarding gate.

The EU also advises airlines to be more transparent with passengers about seat allocation and flight scheduling fees.

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