Burger King Japan Is Selling This Unique Side Amid Potato Shortages

Burgers and fries go together like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, and milk and cookies. Burger King Japan had to change one of their most popular dishes 

Burger King, which has over 150 outlets in Japan, is encouraging customers to substitute fries for crunchy ramen noodles, CBS News

reports. The "Sorta Potato" Set from the fast-food restaurant contains a burger, drink, and a bag of Baby Star Dodekai ramen, a popular Japanese dried ramen snack.

Burger King Japan evaluated boiling ramen, broiled squid, and apple pie before choosing crispy ramen. The chain told CBS News that its "unusual offerings

"If Burger King had only crunchy ramen, maybe I'd go to McDonald's," a customer told the news source.

McDonald's Japan said in December that it will only sell small-sized french fries owing to supply chain concerns and massive flooding at a Vancouver 

Due to the global potato shortage, KFC Singapore temporarily suspended french fry sales at the end of April.

The famous fried chicken establishment sells plain, cheese, and golden cheddar potato wedges as an option.

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