Burger King May Have Secretly Discontinued These Menu Items

Burger King is cutting its menu drastically. The corporation has removed cheap items like sundaes and chocolate milk and fewer offers

and promotions. Although the fast-food chain hasn't confirmed it, consumers and employees are noticing that salads are absent from its menu.

We heard from four New York restaurant managers that salads were "gone" and "won't be

coming back." They joked, "Now, water is the healthiest thing on our menu."  Employees requested anonymity.

At some Burger King outlets in Queens and Long Island, salads have been removed from their menus.

After numerous attempts, Burger King's parent company Restaurant Brands International (RBI) did not confirm the likely elimination of salads at all 7,000 U.S. stores.

Carrols Restaurant Group recently reduced the quantity of chicken nuggets in its meals from 10 to 8 without lowering the price, echoing

Burger King's upset cuts. Carols, the largest Burger King franchisee in the country with over 1,000 outlets, claimed the move was in response to inflation

Burger King's Whopper will also be withdrawn from its main discount menu and Two for $5 and Two for $6 specials. RBI CEO José Cil stated on an earnings

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