Burger King Unveils a New Tagline and Jingle

Ready for another jingle to follow you for a decade? The BK hopes so. The chain is remixing its 1970s hit "Have it Your Way" and altering its motto after 40 years.

To "reclaim the flame" and attract younger generations, Burger King put customers at the center of its

new campaign. Controlling your life, having your own rules, and choosing your BK order is key.

"Advertising, at its best, is most relevant to people when you celebrate them first, not the brand," says OKRP CEO Tom O'Keefe, of the new

campaign. "We're letting them feel like victors with Burger King as a modest upgrade. Well,

the tune is compelling, regardless of whether you recall the previous jingle, so we hope it becomes an earworm."

"It embodies our purpose, embraces individuality and elevates Have It Your Way—something our brand has always been known for—beyond

pure product customization," says Burger King North America president Tom Curtis by statement. "This campaign celebrates our brand equities

From advertising to in-store experiences, the chain's news statement says customers will see the new messaging. Actually, the firm recently announced a $400 million investment

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