Can Christmas Tree Lights Affect Your Mood?

Holidays are for joy. Under every tradition (and the difficulty that can come with making it happen), we want to feel those feelings. When you

"have" to trim the tree, decorate the porch with garlands, and make a front door wreath, you may not feel festive. Licenced therapist and

interior designer Anita Yokota, author of Home Therapy, advises considering your goals before bringing out the décor.

"Have you heard about this concept called glimmer?" asks. Positive spin on trigger. We should sense glimmers. 

Small moments of dopamine relaxation and safety bring a little joy. We can shine with Christmas lights."

Yokota helps people create their homes to support their lives with her unique background. It's aesthetics and neurobiology, she explains. 

"There's chemistry in what our eyes tell our brains," explains. "Artwork, colors, decor, they're wonderful visual cues to help us feel calmer or

happier or have more fun." She may assist someone reconsider their bedroom to reignite a romance. Holiday decor can also improve your mood all season,

"I use sconces and recessed lights to make people feel better at home. Why not add Christmas lights?" Yokota says. As a psychologist, I asked,

'What can this tree and lights do for my brain?' A healthy, stress-free brain makes me a better person. I have better relationships when I'm better."

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