Coca-Cola Is Launching Several New Flavors of This Beloved Soda

Coca-Cola hasn't forgotten its other favorite soda brands despite its new releases, celebrity collabs, and breakthrough coffee machine.

Coca-Cola released a mysterious line of "What the Fanta?! (WTF)" limited-edition beverages.

New Fanta flavors will be brilliant blue, green, peach, and orange, but they're meant to "fool the senses." Fans can guess the flavors, which will be a complicated puzzle

First up is the blue zero-sugar Fanta, available to taste and guess until early 2023. In the months following the blue release, grocery stores and

Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain dispensers will release other mystery flavors. Fans will be engaged by new drink varieties, the company says. 

"With 'What the Fanta', we've created a campaign that not only gives our fans new bold flavors to try—we've given them an opportunity to

share in the fun and engage with each other across the country in a nationwide guessing game," said Fanta North America senior brand manager Dane Callis 

Coca-Cola has been busy, for those unaware. New Jack Daniel's pre-mixed ready-to-drink (RTD) and strawberry and watermelon drink in

conjunction with Marshmello were released by the corporation, and "Costa Smart Cafes" vending machines will be launched countrywide. 

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