Cooking with Olive Oil Decreases Risk of Deadly Diseases

This is great if you want to cook with olive oil or pour it on leafy greens for a salad. According to a new Journal of American College of

Cardiology study, olive oil consumption lowers the risk of cause-specific mortality from cardiovascular, cancer, neurological, and respiratory diseases.

Two 28-year cohorts of nearly 92,000 US men and women without cardiovascular disease or cancer were studied. After adjusting for these

cohort deaths, the study found that current participants who consumed at least half a tablespoon of olive oil a day (up to 7 grams) had a lower

This study also found that replacing margarine, butter, mayonnaise, and other dairy-fat equivalents with olive oil reduced mortality.

Higher olive oil intake was related with 19% lower cardiovascular disease mortality, 17% lower cancer mortality, 29% lower neurological disease mortality, 

Given olive oil's many nutritional benefits, this may not be surprising. Olive oil reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis,

Olive oil has unsaturated fat, which can lower cholesterol and inflammation, unlike other fatty cooking oils.

Finally, the Mediterranean Diet, the healthiest diet, relies heavily on olive oil for fat. Mediterranean residents—the densest population of over-100s

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