Costco Bagels Are Having A Moment On Reddit

It's no secret that consumers purchase at Costco because of the incredible deal. But, even if they've crossed "bargain" off their list of advantages, what about the quality? 

Although this feature may not be as important when the deal is as amazing as Costco's, it is still something to consider. Costco's bagels, for example, are enjoying a moment on Reddit. 

With a simple query, one user sparked a debate: "Costco bagels — yea or nay?" They also sought the advice of New Yorkers and Montrealers (both of whom are known for their bagels).

If you buy in bulk, Costco bagels can be a wonderful deal; for example, a large box of Costco bagels can be purchased for only $30.

How large is it exactly? Try 78 large bagels. If you think that's a lot, you're probably right. However, you never know when a party or work function would require these items. 

A sleeve of 12 bagels will cost you roughly $10 if you are a single individual.  This may be less expensive than buying bagels from a local shop, but can Costco's quality match the price? Some Redditors are skeptical.

The general view on Reddit concerning Costco's bagels was to avoid them if possible, owing to their breadiness. 

They were described as "bread with a hole" by one user. "Not a bagel," one person said, while another said, "I'm not going to buy Costco bagels when I can get much better bagels from a local shop." 

One seems sensible; after all, if you live in New York (as one user stated), why bother with Costco when there's a bagel store on almost every corner? 

So, while die-hard bagel fans may be disappointed with the texture and flavor of Costco's rendition, others eager to toast up some breakfast and use up their cream cheese

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