Costco Just Made These 7 Items More Expensive

The supermarket business giant Costco is one of the most affordable. Discounted bulk sales make membership worth it.

Members are partially protected from the price increases affecting other supermarkets. Thus, Costco shoppers are likely savvy bargain hunters.

However, current supply constraints, extensive product recalls, and inflation have raised prices. Warehouse consumers find it uncomfortable.

Seven Recently Marked Costco Products. Most people love to buy them, so you won't pass them up, but you can prepare for price shock.

In the food court, where pricing are normally set for life, like the $1.50 hot dog combo, recent change is heartbreaking.

For years, this doughy, cheesy, caesar dressing-filled hot chicken pocket cost $2.99, according to loyal customers. In early July, Costco released a "national update"

Another "national update" victim: fountain drinks. A 20-ounce beverage costs $0.69 extra. A 17% rise may not seem like much. 

The ever-lasting postal stamps just went from $0.58 to $0.60 per stamp. Costco is simply adjusting to the USPS's new mailing pricing. 

What unites all bakery items? Wheat flour is scarce in the U.S. due to Ukraine's ban on exports due to the Russian invasion.

These muffin packs have so many varieties that everyone will love them. The $1 price increase on this half-dozen box of Kirkland Signature muffins 

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