Costco, Walmart, Kroger, and Lidl Are Closing Some Locations

Over the past few years, the supermarket industry has been volatile. Supermarket chains continue to struggle with

economic challenges and new technologies like digital shopping, cashierless checkouts, and smart shopping carts.

In this changing climate, improved stores have opened to meet new wants and services, while some enterprises have closed in places where it's no longer profitable.

Springdale, Ohio's only Costco will close this fall, so shoppers should stock up on their favorites. The company has debated turning the shop

into a Costco Business Center for months. That project failed, and Springdale's economic development director, Andy Kuchta, told FOX19 NOW that it was closed.

"Their real estate agent called me and said the operations team at Costco spent the past 2.5 months reviewing options for that conversion

and determined it could not cost-effectively be done due to the size of our store and the smaller business center," stated.

The 2000-opened Springdale Costco is anticipated to stay operating until November 2022, when a new Liberty Township site, 10 miles away, opens.

The German discount retailer Lidl expanded into the U.S. five years ago and currently operates in nine east coast states.

As Kroger shops across gain new incentives and ghost kitchens, one in North Plano, Texas is closing. In April, Kroger announced the store's closure

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