Costco Will Close This Longstanding Midwest Location Next Month

When one door shuts, another opens—and Costco is no exception.

The Cincinnati Business Courier reports that Costco would close its Springdale, Ohio store

store on November 16 and open a Liberty Township warehouse the following day.

Springdale's economic development director, Andy Kuchta, announced in July that Costco's 2000-opened

facility will close. He said the 150,000-square-foot store was supposed to become a Costco Business Center.

After two-and-a-half months of analyzing conversion options, Costco's operations team found that the store's size and smaller business center made this uncost-effective.

"It's not unexpected, frankly, and I don't think this is the end of the turbulence we are going to see in our real estate market, in the

Cincinnati market in general, but specifically in the Springdale market as well," he told FOX 19 NOW in July. "The city has spent the last two years pivoting to create a post-pandemic

Cincinnatians have something to look forward to despite the shutdown. They can visit a 160,529-square-foot Costco shop in the $133 million Freedom Pointe development at Cox Road

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