Costco's Flocked Christmas Tree Is on Mega Sale

The House Beautiful buying editors love both fake and flocked Christmas trees. We were thrilled to find a Costco seven-and-a-half-

foot, delicately dusted, pre-lit artificial fir. Best part? A huge $100 discount! It was $400 but is now $300, a wonderful value for a Christmas decoration

Never to be outdone, Amazon sells a similar tree (it's seven-and-a-half feet tall, flocked, and covered in twinkly lights) for 174.99, down from

$219 as part of its spectacular Black Friday promotion. Next week, the price will undoubtedly rise. Whether you buy a Costco or Amazon tree,

plugging it in will get you in the holiday spirit. Nothing says Christmas like a full-sized tree in the living room.

According to an unofficial poll we took at the House Beautiful offices, Thanksgiving weekend is the most popular time to start decorating, and

with Turkey Day approaching, all the best garlands, wreaths, and trees will sell out quickly. Order yours immediately before it's gone.

We chose Amazon since Costo ships exclusively in specific area codes (you'll have to type yours in to check) and Amazon offers free two-day

shipping to Prime members. Luckily, there are plenty of trees in available, so order quickly to avoid disappointment. 

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