FAA Approved: Southwest Flights To Hawaii Starting Soon

Despite the fact that March has arrived, it still seems like winter has a long way to go. We at PMTTP

are still looking for that perfect winter getaway, and some of our ideas include heading to Cancun or perhaps Hawaii.

While we have been coping with the cold, Southwest has been dealing with a whole number of other concerns, such as the ongoing labor

dispute issues with their mechanics and planning for its imminent launch in Hawaii. The Chief Operating Officer of Southwest Airlines,

Mike Van de Ven, made the announcement that the FAA has granted approval for Southwest to fly to Hawaii from the West Coast. This is excellent news.

The Southwest Hawaii plan was presented to the public for the first time in October of 2017, when CEO Gary Kelly made the announcement. 

The partial government shutdown has made it more difficult for Southwest to meet its initial target date, which was sometime around

the end of 2018. The milestone wasn't reached until a month ago, when a Southwest jet successfully completed a test landing in Hawaii.

In the past, whenever Southwest has entered a market, prices have been brought down by an average of over $45, which has resulted in increased competition

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