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If you fly Southwest Airlines with any regularity at all, you probably think of this eccentric airline as offering a large number of perks at no

additional cost. These advantages include a free choice of seats, refundable rates, and two free checked bags,

in addition to a great number of additional advantages. However,

were you aware that you should add Southwest's complimentary beverages to the list?

It is simple to accumulate Southwest Airlines coupons if you travel with the airline on a regular basis. You will receive four drink coupons for

Southwest after you have completed either 5 round-trip flights or 10 paid one-way trips. However, there is one important point to note. You

will only have them mailed to you if you have opted in to receive them from Southwest. To participate, follow these steps:

Sign in to your account on Southwest Airlines. Simply scroll down to "Travel" under the "My Preferences" heading. Next, click the "Extras" button.

With each of these Southwest credit cards, you can earn up to 60,000 additional Rapid Rewards points, which will give you the opportunity to

earn free flights in addition to free drinks. You can also speed up the process of getting the Southwest Companion Pass, which is widely considered 

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