International Oreo Flavor Fans Wish Was In The US

In addition to the classic chocolate cookie with vanilla custard, the renowned dessert sandwich has inspired an abundance of Oreo flavors, including fruity and seasonal varieties. 

There are a multitude of options available to satisfy your desire for Oreos with a unique ingredient. Nevertheless, certain Oreo varieties are not available in the United States.

Mashed asked viewers in a YouTube poll published on October 27 which non-American Oreo flavor they would most like to see available in American stores. 

The results of a poll in which more than 20,000 Oreo enthusiasts expressed their preference for a particular cookie have been finalized. 

While it is unknown whether this flavor will ever be available in the United States, it appears that everyone is crossing their fingers.

It is crunchy brownie flavor!

Among the five cookie varieties mentioned in the survey, a significant 44% of respondents express a strong desire to obtain the Crunchy Brownie flavor. 

These cookies were available exclusively in Japan during a restricted period of time; they are not available elsewhere at this time.

However, these chocolate creme-topped, thin, crispy cookies remain quite enticing, and many Oreo enthusiasts would be delighted to try them.

A 44% victory over four other alternatives is quite remarkable for Crunchy Brownie Oreos; however, not all voters deemed them to be the optimal option. 

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