How Many Boarding Groups Does Southwest Have

Southwest Airlines is famous for its free seating policy, which lets passengers choose any seat, including bulkhead and emergency escape rows. 

Southwest's A, B, and C boarding groups each have 60 'positions.' After checking in, you'll be assigned one of 180 spots, defining when you can board and choose a seat.

Check-in opens 24 hours before departure, and boarding is first-come, first-served. There are several ways to 'jump the queue.' Upgraded

Boarding provides an A1 to A15 boarding position for elite Rapid Rewards members and Business Select ticket clients, providing a comfortable seat. 

Next, use EarlyBird Check-In, which automatically checks you in before 24 hours and must be purchased 36 hours before flying. You may end

up near the back of the A15-60 pack or at the front of the B group, depending on how many elite members are flying and when you buy the service. 

Preboarding: The traveler and one companion can reach the gate before boarding begins and be approved by a staff member. 

The requirements include wheelchair users, disabled people, and others who need help boarding. Only two people will obtain the PRBD group

Group A: As usual, travelers queue in two rows by numbered signs from 0 to 60 in increments of five. Upgraded First, A1-A15 people board, then EarlyBird Check-In guests.

more Time Passengers, Family, and Active Duty Military: Southwest will grant you a special boarding permit to board after Group A if you don't

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