How Southwest Airlines Is Preparing For The Spring 

Southwest Airlines of Dallas will operate nearly 4,000 daily flights on peak days during Spring break. More than 120 airports in 11 countries are served by the budget airline.

The airline reported a $220 million net loss in its 2022 fourth quarter. Southwest said Spring break travel demand remains solid, in line with the industry, despite the loss.

Due to December 2022 operational problems, the airline had more flight cancellations and less bookings in January and February. 

Southwest's President and CEO, Bob Jordan, forecasts a loss for first quarter 2023 but expects strong Spring break profits.

Southwest hired over 10,000 new personnel in June 2022, the first airline to return to pre-pandemic levels. The airline has hired roughly 1,500 people

The airline placed second in on-time performance last month and third in January, which it said was a big step toward returning to its historical operational reliability.

"March 2023 leisure booking and yield trends appear strong, and are trending in line with the Company's expectations at the time of its

Investor Day in early December 2022," it stated. "The recent improvements in close-in booking trends are encouraging, and the

Company currently expects March 2023 managed business revenues to be roughly restored to March 2019 levels."

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