How To Add a “Free” Southwest Companion Pass

Even though many miles and points individuals know a lot about travel, there is always more to learn. Especially concerning underpublicized

programs like Southwest Airlines. I've been getting a lot of inquiries regarding Southwest this year, 

especially the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass and how to add a companion to Southwest tickets. Let's talk about it.

Definitely one of the best travel deals. A companion pass allows the holder to bring a companion on any flight. It works for cash and points

flights. Once you have your companion pass, you can add a companion if Southwest sells a seat. Each way, the companion pays taxes.

Up to three partner changes each year are allowed. Companion passes are valid for one year.

The companion pass is easy to obtain with a Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card or Premier Business Credit Card because

spend and initial welcome incentives count toward the requirements. A companion pass might save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Adding a buddy to your reservation varies by ticket seller. Southwest Airlines accepts cash, Rapid Reward points, and travel portal payments.

Add a companion whether you book through the airline or a travel portal. Chase's travel gateway requires users to contact 866-951-6592

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