How to Cancel a Southwest Airlines Flight & View Travel Funds

Southwest Airlines has numerous benefits, but its cancellation refund policy may be the best. Southwest wins because some airlines charge a lot to modify or cancel flights. 

Why? Southwest does not charge for changes or cancellations! Southwest Airlines has an industry-leading cancellation reimbursement policy.

There are two flight cancellation situations. First, if you cancel a cash flight, you get a travel fund credit.  Rapid Rewards points are fully refunded for ticket purchases.

As seen in the chart above, different fare classes have varied refund policies for tickets and travel monies.

Wanna Get Away tickets are Southwest's cheapest, thus most of us buy them. These prices have different cancellation rules than Business Select and Anytime.

Cancelling a Wanna Get Away fare saves the full sum as travel cash. You can cancel your flight 10 minutes before departure regardless of fare class

Travel funds must be spent within one year of ticket purchase. Remember that travel funds expire 12 months from ticket purchase date, not flight date.

If you buy a Wanna Get Away fare with Rapid Rewards points then cancel, Southwest Airlines returns your points.  Ticket taxes go to your travel money. 

You can earn hundreds of Southwest points without flying! Additionally, Southwest provides the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card and/or Premier Business 

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