How to Convert Southwest Travel Funds Into Rapid

Southwest is my favorite airline. Second is almost close.  Due to our high Rapid Rewards points balance, my family has had a companion

pass since 2017 and traveled the US and Mexico. Like any ardent traveler, COVID-19 canceled multiple trips this year, leaving me with a

lot of Southwest Airlines travel funds. Southwest Airlines now converts travel cash into Rapid Reward points.

Click that button and a summary of Travel Funds available for conversion will appear at the top of the following page. 

Scroll down to see the fund-to-points conversion eligibility breakdown. I can convert 5 travel funds in my account.

The specific fund appears when you click the right column. Select “Convert fund” from there. My account received points promptly after testing one of my $5.60 credits.

Southwest has generous conversion rates. I had a $127.98 Travel Fund that converted to 9,982 Rapid Rewards points at $0.0128 each. 

This means you may convert for approximately 1.4c per point, which is reasonable. By converting to points, you can book flights for anyone,

not just the original ticketholder. That and the fact that the points never expire or incur modification or cancellation costs make it an excellent offer.

What's the catch? Conversion has big benefits. Travel funds can pay ticket taxes and fees, while points must be paid out of pocket.

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