How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights Like the Pros

Christmas decorating might evoke the same sensations as traveling: love the destination, despise the route. If you merely want the house decorated for Santa,

going outside—possibly in the cold—can make you dread the holidays. No, not this year. Our entire guide to hanging Christmas lights safely

and efficiently will make you the string light master. Our goal is to minimize your time on the ladder and in the cold.

While you may be tempted to hire specialists for setup and breakdown twice a year (and why not?), we're convinced you can handle it yourself. 

When hanging those glittering string lights, do so safely. Learn how to easily hang outdoor Christmas lights below.

Measure your house's exterior before buying Christmas string lights. You must know how many feet it will take to place lights around the perimeter. 

Nothing is sadder than stringing Christmas lights or painstakingly wrapping them around every limb only to find nothing when you plug them in. 

No need for Clark Griswold's staple gun. Christmas light clips simplify and protect the job. Do not install string light clips while on the ladder

Hang your lights again, remembering the nearest outlet. The outlet dilemma has several solutions. You can start by attaching an extension cord up the side of your house

Step on the ladder (with someone at the bottom to stabilize it) and secure the clips to your gutters, shingles, roofline, or railings. 

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