How To Make Stunning Holiday Arrangements Using Magnolia

Macon, Georgia native Canaan Marshall restored an Atlanta home with magnolia. He says arrangements and blooms should

tell a tale from the time guests arrive. Learn how to construct beautiful magnolia Christmas bouquets at home.

Canaan Marshall went all out decorating the front door, but the garland and wreath are crafted from stuff most Southerners may find in their

yards or next door. “Be kind to your neighbors,” Marshall says. His garland is made from long cedar branches with florist wire-tied

magnolia and holly sprigs. The designer wired on spray-painted magnolia leaves, dried sago palms, and hydrangeas to a local crafts

store form until it was full and perfect for the wreath. “Even when you think it’s enough, it’s not!” says Marshall.

"Everyone congregates in here, so you need something extra special," adds Marshall, who displayed a wide-footed bowl. He added magnolia,

banana, holly, pandanus, and cedar leaves to florist foam. He then added ranunculus, dahlias, mums, roses, and dendrobium orchids in

deep reds and pinks at different heights for visibility. Marshall responds, “All those girls want to come to the party,” referencing the flowers. Let them flaunt!”

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