How to Plan an Unforgettable Christmas Party

You can do more than twinkling string lights. For photos and the conclusion of the night, give each guest a sparkler.

A gathering with friends is a great time to take Instagram photos. Hang rows and rows of tinsel (or another festive backdrop) for your guests to picture in front of.

If your guests don't like ugly sweaters and black tie is too stiff, designate the dress code as cocktail attire. Costumes are enjoyable

and the holidays are a great time to do so. Additionally, bringing champagne in a smart outfit looks better.

Whatever your guests wear, matching Santa hats add Christmas cheer and coordinate group shots. These are crucial for gift exchanges.

Like dinner parties but not cooking? Hire a caterer to prepare your Christmas feast so guests will remember it. You can concentrate on hosting without the stress of cooking.

Rent a venue instead than hosting in your home, which might be stressful. Some places will decorate for you (for a price), so you don't

have to decorate your home only to clear it up for two days. If your house is always the party house, it's easy and may be refreshing.

Admit it: Puppies improve everything. If you have many dog lovers, host a Christmas puppy party and encourage everyone to bring their pets in holiday dress to make it cuter.

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