How to Use Google Flights To Search Anywhere For The Best Airfare

One of the most powerful and user-friendly flight search engines is Google Flights. It has all you need for travel planning on one website with many features. 

Most Google Flights users “track flights” they wish to buy. I track pre-purchased flights instead. You can obtain a refund if the price drops.

The lower price is usually found by clicking “change flights” on their website and selecting the same flight from the list. I saved hundreds this way.

Following that excellent advice, let's talk about how to utilize Google Flights and search like a pro!

When booking flights, travelers' greatest concern is pricing. If now is the finest ticket moment. No worries, though. Google Flights covers you.

Google Flights simplifies airfare, hotel, and travel package comparisons. The site has been around since 2011, but 2018 features improve it. 

Pro tip: Do you Pruvo all hotel stays? If not, let Pruvo monitor your reservations for price cuts like me. It's free and the easiest method to save on any hotel stays.

Google Flights offers multiple search types. One-way, roundtrip, and multi-city searches are simple. Your search dates

should be considered for each kind. What Google says about certain flights is important. This influences your flight booking.

The video below explains Google Flights. This contains basic search functions, flight search engine operation, and flight booking.

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