I Took Arby's New Diablo Dare Challenge and Here's How It Went

I enjoy the way heat slowly rises on my tongue like flames on my mouth roof. But am I one of those heat-seeking, fire-breathing gluttons who crave mouth-numbing 

These new sandwiches were intimidating, if not terrifying. Ghost pepper jack cheese, a "fiery hot seasoning" of cayenne and habanero, fire-roasted jalapenos

The sandwiches were multi-layered and had more toppings than stated. The burned sienna buns, sprinkled with dark brick flecks of pepper,

The flesh of Arby's 13-Hour Brisket Diablo Dare looked fantastic, but the amount left me thinking this sammie might be more accouterment than beef.

Instead of searing heat, I tasted a subtle, rich smokiness from fire-roasted peppers and a sweet barbecue sauce, complemented by the beefiness

I tried the Arby's Crispy Chicken Diablo Dare sandwich second because it's less temperature-sensitive. It held its heat better than the brisket due to its thin crumb breading and thicker slab.

Both half devoured it, and I savored each signature detail separately. Like an infused potato or brioche roll, the bun was somewhat smokey and burned slightly.

You won't lose your roof and scream scorching hot tears, so put icy water on it. Diablo Dares are spicy fast-food sandwiches, but they're tasty. 

Some bites have more bite than others, but there's a steady build-up until you're a quarter through your second sandwich. (You need a second sandwich

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