Inside One Woman's Christmas Tree Horror Story

Few things beat the look (and scent!) of a fresh Christmas tree for holiday enthusiasm. However, choosing holiday foliage for your home

or porch presents distinct obstacles. You must browse among dozens of possibilities to choose "the one," get it home, and maintain it alive all

season while sweeping up needles. Additionally, insects, arachnids, and other pests reside in trees. While having mice in your Christmas tree

"The time our tree hatched a million friends," Andrea's TikTok username, AndeeKitty, captioned a slideshow of mantises crawling on

her tree. (Like casual.) Andrea's TikTok video has over 4.3 million views, making it everyone's biggest holiday worry. "The fresh pine smell ain't

Though the prospect of bugs in your Christmas tree may make you worry and cancel Christmas, Grinch-style, mantises aren't the worst. 

One reader said "they will exterminate all other bugs in your house and then each other." (Some commentators reported finding spiders and bats in their trees,

Most Christmas trees come from woods or tree farms, so animals may find shelter in their branches. You can avoid inviting a bug pandemic

into your home by taking precautions. Check your Christmas tree for insects, vermin, and hatching egg sacs. Mantis sacs vary by species,

eggs are frequently light brown like home insulation. You can shake your tree before bringing it indoors to eliminate loose branches and pests.

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