KitKat Cereal Is Coming—But There's a Catch

Nestlé has traditionally advised customers to enjoy a KitKat candy bar on a break. It now wants KitKats to be a morning option, not just a snack or dessert.

KitKat tweeted today that it would produce a candy bar-inspired breakfast cereal. National Cereal Day is March 7, so the announcement was timely.

Breaking news! KitKat Cereal is coming to breakfasts soon! "Who's eager to try?" tweeted the brand.

However, there is one huge catch. Since the cereal launches in the U.K. next month, KitKat fans in the U.S. may not get it. Fans praised the new product 

The firm teased on Twitter yesterday that a "whole new type of KitKat" was coming and challenged customers to guess what it would be before revealing the new cereal. 

KitKat also released a small video of the KitKat Cereal box, which contains the popular candy bar's red hue and emblem.

Fans know that KitKats are crunchy, chocolate-covered wafer bars that come in several varieties like chunky peanut butter and white chocolate. 

A Nestlé press release said the new KitKat Cereal "maintains the essence of the much-loved original chocolate bar." Crispy cereal squares 

KitKat joins other candy brands that have moved into cereal aisles. Candy-inspired cereals like Reese's Puffs, which taste like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

KitKat Cereal Is Coming—But There's a Catch

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