McDonald's Is Giving Out Several Menu Items for Free Starting Today

McDonald's wants you to dunk during March Madness. Instead of dunking baskets, you'll dip their meals in many sauces.

The biggest fast-food restaurant is celebrating March Madness with freebies and deep discounts. Most offers include sauces to "dunk" with

the players and must be ordered using the McDelivery app (or DoorDash in some circumstances). You don't have to like basketball to get these freebies.

The McDelivery app offers a 30-cent Baked Apple Pie and McFlurry today only. McDonald's wants you to dip your Apple Pie in your McFlurry

From March 24 to 27, order $20 worth of breakfast from McDelivery or DoorDash if you get up early. With the coupon "MCMUFFIN," you get a complimentary Sausage McMuffin

A similar Mickey D's afternoon offering offers a free sandwich from March 24 to 27 if you're not a morning person or egg person.

Mickey D's app offers $0.80 McChicken meals all day on Sunday, March 27. Perhaps not as wonderful as Chick-Fil-A's sandwich, but at that price, who can refuse?

McNuggets with honey sauce are the most dunkable deal so far, and they come in four configurations. Order using McDonald's app on April 2 to get this discount.

Ever ranch-dip your Big Mac? Although some fans have petitioned for the return of the discontinued Habañero Ranch, Mickey D's aims to rekindle your love 

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