People Swear by the '75 Hard Challenge' To Get Fit: '30 Pounds Down

The "75 Hard Challenge" may have caught your attention if you like viral workouts and social media wellness fads. The 75 Hard Challenge is difficult, 

but many who complete it marvel about their before and after makeovers. Andy Frisella of the "REAL AF" podcast created the 75-day wellness challenge.

Frisella posted on Instagram about his 75 Hard Challenge lessons, including, "I am in 1000% control of my success or failure in anything."

Read on to learn about the challenge. Visit People Swear by the 30/30/30 Plan for Weight Loss: 'Completely Changed My Body' for more fitness ideas.

The #75hard hashtag on TikTok has garnered 2B views as users chronicle their adventures and share amazing results. Why the

challenge? "Seventy-Five Hard is a discipline challenge to challenge mental toughness," says STRIDE Fitness head trainer April Gatlin, ACE. 

Sustainability is crucial whether pursuing fitness, diet, or wellness goals. "As a fitness professional, I recommend all of the parts of this challenge, just not to the extreme of 75 Hard," Gatlin says. "Water is

essential for mental and physical health. Structure in your food and workouts is also beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. Taking monthly

progress photos is beneficial. Finally, personal development books are recommended: Working on the mind improves the body!"

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