Sandwich Chain Just Opened Its First Drive-Thru-Only Location

Jimmy John's, famed for its fast delivery, introduced a new restaurant model in Florida. The new venue,

designed with experience agency ChangeUp, has multiple drive-thrus and other digital aspects but no dining area.

"Jimmy John's has always been at the forefront of the industry, particularly when it comes to listening to our customers," said Andrew

Bello, Inspire Brands' vice president of design and architecture. "This new drive-thru-only model

represents our continued commitment to evolve with our customers and serve the best, freshest sandwiches with speed and efficiency."

The new site includes two drive-thrus, one for online and mobile orders and the other for traditional orders, building on Jimmy John's new brand concept

Other helpful features await customers at the new restaurant. Walk-up lockers allow contactless pickup of mobile and web orders.

ChangeUp chief creative officer Ryan Brazelton says, "From the start of the process, we knew we wanted to treat this space as an architectural

billboard and create a physical manifestation of the Jimmy John's brand." "By bringing the brand to life in this way, we could ensure that every touchpoint

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