Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights Powered by the Sun

Our list begins with classic string lights. "I like that warm glow of a yellowish light, so I prefer a more golden hue than a whiter one," adds Associate Shopping Editor Jessica Cherner. 

Although these lights appear large, each globe is merely a golf ball in size. However, they are all different colors, so 2,500-plus five-star

These candy canes are nearly too sweet. As shown below, we recommend using the eight-piece set to light your front entrance walkway.

No Christmas is complete without snowflakes. These may not be real—they're hot to the touch when lit—but they have that wintery charm we'll never tire of.

Consider illuminating a little route from the street to your front door with colored baubles. Keep the stakes for later and hang them from your porch. 

A curtain of lights is always a good idea, whether you use them to light a vignette or hang them flat against a wall. This one should be placed on a south-facing 

Something mysterious about solar garden lighting. Although they appear large in the photo, they're actually small.

This shape and size are typical of string lights. We think the little point, multicolor radiance, and somewhat bigger bulbs are great for winter festivities.

We couldn't miss these lovely spiral Christmas trees. Their Scandinavian-inspired design and multicolor or warm white lights make them look great on any lawn.

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