Southwest Airlines Adds Baggage Tracking Feature To App And Website

Southwest Airlines' new baggage tracking feature lets customers follow their bags. Travelers may easily track their bags on the airline's website or app.

The budget airline now offers real-time baggage tracking on mobile devices. Status updates will indicate when luggage are loaded and

unloaded from the airplane, giving travelers peace of mind and a better idea of carousel wait times.

In 2022, airlines mishandled roughly eight luggage per 1,000, the highest rate in a decade. Due to industry staff shortages, airlines and ground staff had serious operating challenges.

Southwest's website and mobile app allow passengers to track their bags by tapping 'track checked bags' when browsing their reservation. The airline stated,

The carrier now lets travelers add checked luggage digitally up to 24 hours before departure. This will speed up bag check at the counter on your flight by reducing the number of processes.

Southwest joins American, Delta, and United in offering baggage tracking. Some passengers put their own monitoring

devices in their luggage, but airlines typically don't follow through, even though they know where their items are.

Southwest revealed its oddest checked-in items last month. A single rope, a pool noodle, and three kayaks checked into the hold are among its top five favorites.

The airline followed up with Part II, a single stick and a bag with 'emotional luggage' sewn on it. Southwest consumers adore its generous baggage policy

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