How 100,000+ Southwest Points Went Missing

My family's travels this year were hectic. Being a teacher doesn't require travel, but I spent almost 70 nights on the road in the first seven months.

I visited Atlantic City, Vegas, Tunica, Biloxi, Chicago, Rochester, Kona, Yosemite, Orlando, and Disney. I booked all of my family and my flights on points

Over 90% of those flights with my preferred carrier? Of course, southwest.

Thus, when over 100,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points disappeared from our account a few weeks ago, we noticed immediately!

My wife and I utilize Rapid Rewards points to buy a few flights for fresh months when Southwest opens their booking calendar.

We usually take those flights, but life occurs and we cancel. We received our points, taxes, and fees reimbursed to my Chase Sapphire Preferred Card thanks

My wife and I had to scale down our travels after having our second baby in October. We needed to schedule flights because the holidays were coming 

If you have kids, you know nothing is fixed in stone. We quickly discovered that my youngest child is different from my oldest.

The oldest was peaceful, quiet, and easygoing from birth. We felt safe sending him on a plane early on, and by age two, he had probably flown more than the typical adult.

We noticed that my youngest child is less peaceful. Thus, we spared our potential travelers some newborn serenading. Instead, we'll drive farther

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